[FWTools] Newb problem - exporting

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Wed Feb 22 02:11:00 EST 2012

On 12-02-21 10:12 PM, Geoff Mark wrote:
> I'm not completely comfortable with CLI, but I think this might be a lost
> cause. Using gdal_translate I get:
> "'w001001.adf' not recognized as a supported file format."
> This is the same file that loaded fine into OpenEV_FW. OpenEV opened the file,
> I could see its loveliness, but I'm guessing it was too big (475 Mb.)
> Can you think of another solution?


OpenEV is built against the same GDAL as it used by gdal_translate.
I presume you just didn't specify the path to the .adf file properly.

It need not be a lost cause, though you could give up.  You might want
to try an export to USGSDEM format from the GUI export dialog if the CLI
is rough.

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