[FWTools] Gdalwarp problems

Riepl, David M david.m.riepl at boeing.com
Tue Jul 10 12:14:51 EDT 2007


I do a lot of 2-D and 3-D maps using GEOTIFF satellite imagery and DTED
1 elevation.  I use GDALWARP to reproject the imagery and the DTED
(turned into GEOTIFFs).  From there I use OSGDEM (currently with OSG1.2)
to create .ive output.  

I've noticed a problem during the gdalwarp step, I set up a .cmd script
to run gdalwarp on a folder of 28 images.  Normally I just double-click
the .cmd script, walk away and assume all is good.  Recently, I've been
running it from a DOS prompt and so now I am reading the messages.
Normally as the imagery processes you see this:
0...10...20...30...40...50...60...70...80...90...100  -Done.
But 9 of my 28 images never reach "Done".  The message just reads:
They just don't want to reach "Done" no matter how many times I run the
script on them.   I've noticed the same problem with some of my
elevation files.   Since I used to just double-click the script and walk
away, maybe I've always had this problem and never known it.
In a quick test, the images still open in my viewer.  Are they any good?
Is something missing or incomplete?  Does anyone have an explanation or
advice to fix this?

Note:  I am using the gdalwarp from FW TOOLS 1.3.4 (Win 32 bit) on a
WinXP desktop with 2GB RAM.

David Riepl
Visualization IG\DB Team
> Training Systems & Services
david.m.riepl at boeing.com

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